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PDN Client

To start playing at the  Premium Dota Network you can use the Client.
You can download the client here. Not working for now.


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Premium Dota

Lily - 18:40

Lalalla Bamba LALLA BAMBA morle morele la bamba.... :P Life is sweet .. Dance smiley and make Posotiv energy hf for all admins and player PDC LOVE U ALL

SManKo - 18:55

SmanKo is timebanned by [ Whitefox ] with reason ( not helping team ) on Premium DotA Community - 1431 minutes remaining. this guy ban me because he dont help team, and he ban me XDDDDDDDDD :P :P :P

teea - 15:57


Abusing_MH - 15:08

Hellooo, didnt drop out of anything fix plz

Komsija - 12:49

why ban?waiting for host and dropp me...pls unban :O

Lily - 19:41


Lily - 19:14

when pdc back first dont work now pdc

Lily - 19:14

when pdc back first dont work now pdc

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