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PDN Client

To start playing at the  Premium Dota Network you can use the Client.
You can download the client here. Not working for now.


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Premium Dota

Goblinsdance - 16:29

Pls stfu getlost. You fat ****ing ****

Oldone - 12:04


Goblinsdance - 17:55

Bunch of noobs!

IamNot - 23:00

I guess no help is coming ??!! So I will wait for 1004 min ?? 1003 mins from now... :(

IamNot - 22:57

My connection was lost and i cant play for 1008 min. I got ban for 1007 now... A little unfair... Need help...!!! Want to play .!

ojinjic - 23:17

server crashed? i was disconected from game. now i cant join client?

Chad - 10:48


XyZ_Anvil - 16:40

Hello, just got banned because of pc crash at start (minute 0) . Can you admins do smth? thx

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